Stay super-dry with Nokia's nanotechnology

What happens when a drop of water falls on a lotus leaf? It’s not a philosophical question, but a natural phenomenon scientists have been studying, and trying to make sense of, for hundreds of years.

The drop of water falls, bounces, and rolls away without trace – leaving the leaf clean and water repellant.


Nanotrees harvest the sun's energy to turn water into hydrogen fuel

( -- University of California, San Diego electrical engineers are building a forest of tiny nanowire trees in order to cleanly capture solar energy without using fossil fuels and harvest it for hydrogen fuel generation.

Reporting in the journal Nanoscale, the team said nanowires, which are made from abundant natural materials like silicon and zinc oxide, also offer a cheap way to deliver hydrogen fuel on a mass scale.


GNN-RMP Member

Dear GNN-RMP Member,


The Global Network of Nanotechnology & its Applications to Road Materials & Pavements on behalf of our partner, the Mexican Society of Asphalt - AMAAC, and our colleagues from the Latin American Society of Asphalt (ALA) extend a cordial invitation to submit research papers in the field of “NANOTECHNOLOGY APPLIED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF ASPHALT PAVEMENTS” to the Seminar of Nanotechnology which is organized in the framework of the 8th Mexican Conference of Asphalt, to be held in the beautiful Cancun City, Mexico, on August 27 2013. 



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